Monday, May 24, 2010

Its already 2010

Its been years I stop blogging....Well I just changed a simple basic skin....
If only I had time or something to talk and blog about,
I will post it here!I will add more updated status about me near future.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

On 20th,21st,22nd Feb Scout Camp

I didnt blog for almost a month already,YES I know its kinda dead my blog,so I would make a reformation to my blog,and try my best to make it alive again.

On february 2009,
The first week of saturday I had to go for kawat traffik for the Road Run.
On the second week,We had school replacement for CNY holiday
On the third week,I had my Kem Pentarafan Jaya.
And finally,on the fourth week,I appreciated my sleeping time.Though it was not enough.

I stayed in school for 2 days 2 nights for my camp.
My camp was exciting but was seriously everyone was exhausted.

These are the pictures of Halangan Komando.I only took those picture because those are the important events at my camp.haha.Here are some pictures to share~

There are 1-2 more obstacle i didnt take the picture.

On Sunday everyone was really exhausted after we packed everything.Actually we can go back quite early because the post mortem is postphone to next week.But unfortunately it rains heavily and wasted our time.

Our upacara penutup starts at 5 pm and ends at 6pm.And then my parents sent me homeAfter that, it rains more heavily until the Jalan Kewajipan road was quite flooded.When my parents saw that,they made a detour and use the SS15 road.

I had a relaxing shower after for 2days 2nights didnt get myself hygiene.I had a wonderfull ramen dinner from my mum,I unpacked my luggage loads and place them back in order.And so well,I slept at 9pm.

The next morning was school.I slept so soundly until I was quite frustrated because why the time passes so fast?I was still so sleepy and barely could not wake up.But I brace myself and just gets ready for school.T_T

Thats all for now,I will blog more very soon,and my blog will be under construction.Its time to make a whole reformation on my blog

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year~

Well,today backkkkk tooooo the school of super extraodinary extremely clean and famous school toilet,which is......SMK Subang Jaya.

My Chinese New Year Celebration this year was actually.....quite interesting.
Sunday Night-Gathering at Taman Megah for a Reunion Dinner 2009.And,where the angpow
coming into my big pockets.Later after that,We went to Carmen Loo's house and
gamble.As for my feng shui sitting beside a banker....which is always bad luck!And
yes,I bet RM1 on each game,and end of the day,I got RM5....Bad luck isnt?

The Next Monday Morning,
Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni,Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang , Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang
We went up to Genting Highlands and.....I was wondering there like a puppet,sien la there....But luckily I saw Surf at the arcade there,What a super conincidence,if I didnt met this good looking guy up here,My life would be bored at the City of Entertainment.*Rolls Eyes*
Monday Night,We slept at 4am and lights off....

My father's brother left Genting Highlands and on his destination to Perak.As I am the only cousin who always wake up the earliest.....*Clap Clap* on myself..for being a healthy person.
During the night after we check out at Genting at 12pm,that night We went to,BOTAK JEFF house....Its good to see his botak hair.Then thank to jeff mum gave us an angpow each.Then we went to play,and yamcha after that.

Nothing special,just go out to Sunway Pyramid and looking for fishes

The night where STAR team R@y* Came.Pity him because out of 10matches,he didnt get 1 time 1st place due to his car incomplete tuning and not experienced.

Thank You to Uncle HO for giving the Whole STAR team and me,A.K.A the unknown and uninvited guest an unforgetable lunch At Dragon-i,Sunway Pyramid.
And,then, Let the race and match begin
RS vs STAR team.
But finally as expected ST*AR team won again....due to RS may be quite 'Kan Cheong'
to have a match with STAR team.After a neck and neck battle,RS lose to STAR team by 4 points.

Thats all for today.I might as well change my blog skin,add more links,and improve on my blogging soon.Thank You and see you again!

Happy Chinese New Year 2009 to all my Family members and friends and to the whole world who together celebrate Chinese New Year together after for 2000 years.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally Its 2009?2008 like a blink of an eye...

Well,today its already the 2nd week of my Form 4 2009 schooling week.....zzzzzzzzzz

During the days of my PMR year 2008.......I really miss it....
The time flies like a burning candle,
The life and joy of 3 Adilians 2008,
The super barking sound of Hasnor,
The form teacher and other subjects teacher were the best.

Unfortunately,My PMR results was..........1 A 4 B 1 C 1 D swtzzz
I was quite unsatisfied with my results.....but I cant do anything with it.....
I disappoint quite many of people who always wish me luck to get at least 5A's......
Yes,I am really hoping for it,but sorry,I had 4B's.........
My beloved PMR year is now a past,all just passesd within a blink of an eye.
We 3Adilians 2008 will miss you, our kind and caring form teacher,

Puan Che Nor Haneem,

you are the 3Adil leader who taught us,
even its Sejarah...its fun to hear and listen,
you are one of the brightest stars,
in 3 Adil 2008,
but then,its the past,you went away,
leaving us behind,just like a spark of hope for 3 Adilians.
But now,she's gone,
With respect and as a student,We Will Remember YOU!!!

Its already 2009,my present class now is 4Gigih,
Its been a stressful week for me,as hearing the teacher lectures about SPM format.
There's no more objective,majority subjective....thinking of it make me stress alot....
I really would wish to go back to form 3,well time flies.....
I cant do anything with it,and my temper gets really bad,
such as,when I was playing WMMT3 DX last saturday the gear suddenly hangs,so I feel so angry and just use my 1litre bottle full with water and slammed the gear box thrice hardly when my gear hangs.....
And well,when I slammed the gear,Uncle Ho heard the banging noise and gave me some advice,stating that,he knew that I had problems....But I couldn't help it out,YES,I do have really many problems.........but I just dont want to express it out.....

2009 is just A NEW YEAR with new would be good if I have a good and caring Girlfriend....Mostly people wouldn't just like me.I dont know why.I really do get serious in relationships,I am not a playboy.Because I dont like to play other people's feelings.....I would always try my best to treat them better,so they would understand.

But they wont understand me.....Its kinda sad for me,thinking of it.I would feel really jealous sometimes to see my friends couple with a beautifull girl/woman.I admit myself for have many mistakes,but I hope everyone would forgive me for what I did.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy and Sad day.......

23/12/2008,Christmas Eve
Our -KS- gathering Had a BBQ party.......hehehe
Here are some photos of the roasting,hot BBQ.......
But well,you will see some of our friends....who actually a noooobie in BBQ,
They eventually just......Let the sausage there....and let it burn till roasted black
like no one's business!

Here are some photo's to share.......

Overloaded with foods~All of us are hungry......Still fresh..~~

Yeah,you got it,The fire was really hot, no worries,all are waiting.
Like A hungry tiger...../gg

Many many sausages as you can see there right?Well,It ended up like that....~Guess What?
This what happens.......I guess you all already thought is before......

And wa laa.............Cool isn't?Thanks to some serious smart person...........
Of course not me la......dont bully me ah......

Thanks to All -KS- members.....guests,and friends......
And,Thank You to

MOMO? from Penang for joining our BBQ party......

Its Christmas~~~~!!!!!!!! 25/12/2008

Unfortunate for me.......
I lost my loveable wallet,RM40,Personal WMMT3 and DX cards..Personal keys.....
Well,I would really thought who can took my wallet....haihz........
I spent so much on my YING* now,I had to start all over again...
I felt really lazy....and wasting double $$......but thinking of the engine sound of R32,
I really felt no RB26,no life=NO LLP

So Well,As today 27/12/2008

Today Sunway Pyramid Arcade upgraded to WMMT3 DX
So I quickly bought a Mazda MX-5 Card name ReNee
Well,the card number was.....for sure 00-01~~!!! HEHE!!!

Thinking of a glance.......Of my YING* R32.......
Really I feel give up hope for the R32
But,I just think,8machine free card number 00-01
Aiyah~! La la seng go transfer data only la........
Of course card number 00-01 also.....
And I took all top player KING GHOST~~~!!!

From left to right

C1,New Belt Line,Wangan Line,Yokohane line,Nagoya,Osaka,Hakone
YING* R32 139 000 Mileage.......

For your information about my Mazda Mx5,wah.......I spent almost RM60 for that car.........
We just created that cute MX 5 for Time Attack Running And battle(If its strong)
I spent so problem going to come hunt me soon......~_~

And,last but not least.................
Say Farewell to Our -KS- team member,Jeffrey Yong who had gone for NS in pahang......
The person who was wearing White Colour Shirt With a doggie bone on his hand.....
We'll be waiting for you Botak JEFF~~~

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3~DX

Saturday 20/12/2008 12pm

Eval called me

Eval-Hey LP want to go 1utama?
LLP-Why want go there for?
Eval-Erm,because got chances later 3pm upgrade DX
LLP-Oh!!Serious ah?okok i go there......

SO actually i was planning to sunway,but then,i changed my destination to go to 1u.
Well and so,I took a bus from Sunway-Kelana Jaya LRT Station-1Utama

I reach there around 2pm.....And I saw,WTF, already on the progress to upgrade DX!!!I was so damn excited and was really hand itchy waiting to touch that game......but unfortunately,my KS team mate already transfer his card data and he have the card number of 00-01.....I was like NO~~~!!!!!!The card number that i was really waiting for it has already passed!!!! Well,I had no choice but to get the next card number which is 00-02.....T_T.......Here is a picture of the new WMMT3DX card and my loveable car~!

YING* Card number 00-02 hhahah

So when I got my seat,I just play ghost king earn the coins....haha
well,i simply play all the road just to save my time,and i took all the crown.I also have the title
'Fastest In The Metro Highway'.But after awhile my friends ghost defeated me cause its slow and bang alot....Only until now still left c1 and hakone.....T_T
The new aura isn't it cool?The new aura looks much more attractive and more fascinating than the previous one.


My car with C1 And Hakone King.....Isnt my car wonderfull?~~HEHE ^_^

And about the new updates for WMMT3 DX,

4 New cars, EvolutionX ,Impreza WRX STi(GRB), Mazda Miata Mx5,And Nissan FairladyZ(Z34)
1 New course - Nagoya.
Graphic becomes more detail and more cool.
New cinematic and new remix introduction song.
Max HP 825~~~!!!!!!
A new black colour special meter......
Well that meter looks like a new mini cooper meter.....
And by the way,It looks like a compass.....!! LOL...!!!
And battle stars screen have animal behind it....(Next time I pose that)

This is the new WMMT3 DX poster.....
IT looks very interesting isnt?

I am currently thinking to up my YING* R32 class to SS9.........
But I must waste around RM1k for it........
What should I DO?hahahaha.................

Thats all for today......So,how far will I go!?See you soon!!~~~Tata

Monday, November 24, 2008

Its really lonely.

Well,sorry for not updating my blog after for so long.

Holiday has started few weeks ago.And now weekdays I am just busy concentrate on my job.Weekends just go out with friends as usual.Haihz.....14 days to go.For my 2008 Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Competition.I am really scared and worried about this competition.Though I am hoping to be Champion,but then,It IS TOO HARD FOR ME.You know that?!Now when I play Wangan,I feel so tension and barely cant relaks myself because I want to acheive the best in the competition.Also,I always made so many mistakes,but I really always tell myself to try to be the blocking king.Let's see after that.I wish all my best in the competition~cheers

As in another direction..........Haihz.....sss
I am a lonely guy as usual keep wondering around in Sunway Pyramid.I always wonder how to win and understand a woman's heart.I would like to make more new girl-friends to change my life,In a way to communicate and learn to be more open minded.I really dont understand why I always cant get closer with any girls.I would wish that I am more attractive and more stunning.
Although you will see me as somebody who have no taste,dont judge its book by its cover......Anyone would never knew if this guy would be a gentleman after all.......Am I right?
They can also accompany me if I am lonely.It is much more worth than spending money on arcades too.HEHE